Think of the solution. Not the problem.
If your mind was filled only with thoughts of why you were going to lose,
then you couldn't think of how to win.

- Terry Goodkind


Autumn Rath is a paralegal working out of Fennemore’s Denver office where her work focuses on case management services for complex civil litigation. She has experience in case preparation from inception, through discovery and deposition preparation, and all the way to trial. In her day to day work, Autumn performs legal and factual research, maintains case files, communicates with clients and experts, reviews documents obtained in discovery, builds databases, tracks and prepares exhibits for trial and depositions, dockets pleadings, and provides support at trial.

Since she was a little girl, Autumn wanted to either save the world through scientific research, education, and vaccines or become a lawyer fighting for truth and justice in our legal system. In her first career, she fulfilled her dreams and aspirations within the scientific research community. In this, her second career, Autumn loves the research, law, reading, and finding needles in a haystack. Autumn was thrilled to discover that she could merge her two career passions into the role of a paralegal; she could still keep parts of what she thrived on from her scientific/research background and combine it with her passion of law.

Autumn is eager to achieve the best results for our firm’s clients. At the end of the day, doing what it takes to prepare her trial/legal team for whatever the other side throws our way energizes her most. Researching, learning, and helping the clients, experts, and her attorneys achieve the best outcome in each case gives her immense satisfaction.

Outside of work, Autumn enjoys exploring the mountains and the ocean, whether she is swimming, camping, hiking, reading, sewing, gardening, or costuming.


  • Associate of Applied Sciences, Paralegal Studies, Arapahoe Community College


Experienced, forward-thinking advocates who go beyond the expected for clients in dispute prevention and resolution.


  • Civil Litigation
  • Complex Litigation


  • *Not licensed to the practice of law