Funeral and Cemetery Law

Protecting the interests of your business.

Our firm has been serving the funeral and cemetery industry for over 20 years throughout California with respect to all facets of the industry, including regulatory guidance, preneed guidance, and business sales, as well as the review and preparation of documentation used in such business.


We have represented the Alderwoods Group (California), Inc. (fka Loewen Group International, Inc.) in nearly all their legal and regulatory matters in California, including its purchases, sales and various licensing. Moreover, we have represented several independent funeral establishments and cemeteries throughout the State of California. With our firm being one of the largest business law firms in central California, we have the unique ability to provide efficient and effective legal services for the funeral and cemetery industry.


We’re here to serve your business.

Below is a sampling of our areas of practice:

  • Funeral and Cemetery Regulatory Compliance: Working with State officials and local establishments on licensing applications and violations, including settlements involving funeral and cemetery trust funds.
  • Funeral and Cemetery Transactional Matters: Handling the acquisition, merger, sale and liquidation of funeral and cemetery locations, including, but not limited to, leases, real estate purchases, local permitting (e.g., conditional use permits, waivers, etc., for various types of uses, including crematories).
  • Funeral and Cemetery Litigation: The size and full service nature of Dowling Aaron Incorporated’s practice groups make it one of the few knowledgeable and capable firms to cover and oversee funeral and cemetery litigation, including, but not limited to, third party suits and internal employee disputes.

In sum, our extensive experience in the funeral and cemetery industry’s ins and outs combined with our firm’s broad base of practice areas, including, but not limited to, real property, municipal law, land use, business entities, employment and environmental matters, provides efficient, thorough and cost effective legal and regulatory assistance throughout the State of California.