Leigh McGough

Leigh McGough is an adept attorney with comprehensive experience across various sectors of law, including commercial transactions and real estate. She has handled a wide array of transactions, demonstrating an understanding of the dynamics involved in negotiating leases, subleases, amendments, license agreements, easement agreements, and more. Her experience extends to advising on the intricate aspects of subordination agreements and estoppels, underlining her capacity to manage complex legal documents and contracts that guide commercial operations and property dealings.

Additionally, Leigh’s background in real estate law encompasses serving as lead project attorney for various transactions, including those for a national big-box retailer, emphasizing her ability to lead and manage large teams through the entire process of acquisition, leasing, and development. Her knowledge in conducting due diligence reviews of title and environmental data to identify risks and recommend mitigation measures further showcases her proactive approach in handling legal challenges across different spectrums of the law.


  • J.D., University of Oklahoma School of Law
  • MBA, Pepperdine University
  • B.A., University of Texas, Austin

Areas Of Practice

Our real estate practice is one of the largest in the American West, including Arizona, California, Colorado and Nevada with experience in all aspects of the real estate development process, from due diligence, acquisition and finance, through land use permitting and entitlements, to leasing and sale.


  • California