Management Committee

The firm’s management committee is comprised of eight directors from a variety of our office locations. The committee regularly meets to discuss business strategy, firm operations, and the implementation of new firm initiatives.

Management Committee James Goodnow Orange Dot

James Goodnow

Management Committee Kimberly Arana Orange Dot

Kimberly Arana

Management Committee Richard Dreitzer Orange Dot

Richard Dreitzer
Las Vegas

Todd Kartchner Orange Dot Management Committee

Todd Kartchner

Office Managing Partner Stacie Smith Orange Dot

Stacie Smith

Management Committee Daniel Rapaport Orange Dot

Daniel Rapaport

Management Committee Steven Cramer Orange Dot

Steven J Cramer

Board of Directors

The chair of the board of directors focuses on external relations and strategic growth.

Board of Directors Sarah Strunk Orange Dot

Sarah Strunk


We continue to innovate the legal industry by throwing out old ways of thinking and approaching our structure just like our business clients do with a C-Suite of business professionals 100% dedicated to the success of the Fennemore enterprise.

C Team James Goodnow Orange Dot

James Goodnow
Chief Executive Officer

C Team Dave Bassuk Orange Dot

Dave Bassuk
Chief Financial Officer

C Team Cheryl Cecil Orange Dot

Cheryl Cecil
Chief People Officer

C Team Robert Kramer Orange Dot

Robert Kramer
Chief Talent Officer

C Team Greg Miskulin Orange Dot

Greg Miskulin
Chief Practice Group Officer

C Team Lindsay Moellenberndt Orange Dot

Lindsay Moellenberndt
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer

C Team Travis Pacheco Orange Dot

Travis Pacheco
Chief Diversity Officer

C Team Dean Seiveno Orange Dot

Dean Seiveno
Chief Enterprise Officer

Office Managing Partners

These leaders oversee the day-to-day operations of their respective offices.

Office Managing Partner Richard Aaron Orange Dot

Richard Aaron
California Region Chair

Office Managing Partner John McHugh Orange Dot

John McHugh

Office Managing Partner Richard Dreitzer Orange Dot

Richard Dreitzer
Las Vegas

Office Managing Partner Daniel Arana Orange Dot

Daniel Arana

Elise Obrien OMP

Elise O’Brien
Orange County/Irvine

Office Managing Partner Stacie Smith Orange Dot

Stacie Smith

Kevin Randolph OMP

Kevin Randolph
San Bernardino

Matthew Wilcox OMP

Matthew Wilcox
San Diego

Gamble Parks OMP

Gamble Parks
Santa Barbara

Office Managing Partner Buddy Rowell Orange Dot

Buddy Rowell
Bay Area











Leadership is exemplified on the practice group level, with our Diversity & Inclusion Council, Doing More Task Force, Fennemore Foundation and MORE.