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1,570 Hours completed in LMS in 2019


1,738 custom courses offered


238 hours of custom courses offered

Learning and Development Opportunities

New Employee Onboarding

With the goal of a quick and smooth transition into their new position, new employees are immediately welcomed into the firm through our extensive onboarding process that includes new user technology training, mentorship program, buddy program, and position-specific learning segments.

Technology Training

Due to our dedication to innovation, we employ cutting-edge technology and offer ongoing training to ensure our employees have the necessary tools and knowledge needed to keep up with rapid technological changes.

Diversity Training

Through our Diversity and Retention Council, we offer a variety of training programs centered around diverse topics that are both regionally focused per office location and focused on firmwide topics.

LTC4 Certification

Legal support staff have an opportunity, through our learning management system, to earn LTC4 certification  (Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition) on a variety of competencies essential for their key role within our firm.

We are pleased to announce that 164 or 99% of our staff members and paralegals are now certified through the Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition (LTC4) for completion of a 9-month training program on data and system security. We launched a security awareness training program in mid-2017 in partnership with  LTC4. Staff members and paralegals completed the training using our learning management system populated with content and knowledge checks generated by Traveling Coaches, Inc.

“Data security is a critical challenge for every law firm, and we are proud of our staff members completing this certification process in support of the firm’s dedication to data security,” according to James Goodnow, Chief Executive Officer. Our attorneys also participated in security training.

Management Training

We provide individual and group management training in employment practices, coaching, and mentoring to ensure the firm’s administrative managers and supervisors are the best leaders they can be.

Customized Continuing Education

We believe that learning and development is an ongoing activity. Through our learning management system, each employee has an opportunity to learn beyond their direct scope of responsibility. Expanding knowledge across practice groups and departments allows for greater cross-collaboration.

Elevate Associate and Of Counsel Development Program

Our Elevate program provides associate and of counsel attorneys who are interested and committed to building their personal brand and growing their books of business with the tools and skills to do so. The program includes monthly trainings and one-on-one coaching and covers topics such as planning for your future, time and energy management, social media, presentation best practices, and more.

Million Dollar Roadmap: Director Development Program

Million Dollar Roadmap is an application-based program that provides attorneys with winning strategies, tools and tactics to build their books of business through key success factors. The program includes quarterly trainings and one-on-one coaching and covers topics such as crafting unique selling propositions, creating intentional business plans, developing a network, converting meetings to opportunities, and more.

“Doing More” campaign

As part of our internal Doing More campaign, we regularly share monthly winning strategies related to professional growth and development, diversity, equity and inclusion, health and wellbeing, culture, and team building. These emails provide articles, videos, and tips to help our team advance.

Leading Technology

We have a state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) that provides thousands of current competency-based training modules for employees, including technology, diversity, data and system security, compliance, management, soft skills, and position-specific learning. Employees also have the opportunity to increase their annual merit raise by participating in training and development programs.