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Who We Are.

Fennemore is a full-service Am Law 200 business law firm that embraces change and drives innovation. By employing a “sense, seek, seize” approach, we look beyond the horizon to what’s next — both for our clients and employees. Our forward-thinking tradition began in 1885 when two new law school graduates headed west by train with only a few dollars in their pockets. Although their means were modest, their vision was bold. They imagined a firm that was about more than the tasks involved with the practice of law. They wanted to create a law firm that was dedicated to building up people, businesses, and communities. These principles formed the foundation of their new firm. Today, more than 100 years later, their mission endures.

Our purpose is to help our clients and employees thrive. This is reflected in our core values, strategic planning, and decision-making. We believe that success is not just about what you achieve, but also how you achieve it. We encourage all of our team members to share their ideas and perspectives with firm leadership and one another.  In our pursuit of excellence, we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Leading Job Satisfaction and Retention Statistics

Fennemore consistently ranks at the top of the market for job satisfaction and retention. As the statistics demonstrate, when people come to Fennemore, most choose to make it their long-term home. Our team members say they enjoy working at the firm because we have a culture of caring for each other, our clients, and our communities. Consistent with our “people-first” philosophy, our leadership team is committed to setting team members up for success and professional growth.


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We believe relationships, support, and teamwork are critical to our success. To promote these goals, we invest in activities that strengthen bonds. Examples of events include an annual all-hands state-of-the firm gathering, an annual two-day attorney retreat, practice group retreats, regional retreats, an annual leadership summit, an annual celebratory firm game show, regular town halls, potlucks, office socials, holiday events, and more.

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We apply an entrepreneurial mindset to everything we do. Our Venture Accelerator provides technology start-ups and emerging businesses with access to sophisticated legal counsel and guidance. Fennemore Labs is a novel R&D platform to incubate ideas for new ventures, legal services, business lines, and strategies for delivering legal services. Our annual “hackathon” is a firmwide event in which our lawyers and legal professionals break into teams and present ideas on how to solve legal industry challenges. Winning team members not only receive a cash prize, but they also have their ideas implemented within the calendar year.


Giving back to our communities is part of Fennemore’s DNA. We donate our time and talents through legal aid and pro bono services and serve as leaders and board members of top professional organizations, industry organizations, chambers of commerce, and a host of community non-profit organizations.

The Fennemore Foundation supports a wide range of charitable organizations affording our team members and their families hands-on opportunities to have a direct impact on the lives of those who live in our communities. Examples include planting neighborhood gardens; painting classrooms; working at food banks; putting teams together for walks in support of local causes; coordinating toy, purse, sock, and school supply drives; and serving meals at homeless shelters.


Professional Growth

We believe in the transformative power of professional development. Examples of our industry-leading career-growth programs include:

Elevate: A year-long program for associates that focuses on business development, time and stress management, and career development.

Million Dollar Roadmap: A year-long comprehensive business development training program for partners. Participants grow their books of business by an average of 59% in the year they complete the program.

Orbit and Launch: Orbit is a year-long onboarding program for new partners designed to help them make the leap to the next phase of their careers seamlessly. Launch is a parallel program for associates and of counsel lawyers.

Mock trial program: Litigation associates take a case from beginning to end — concluding with a jury trial in front of a sitting judge and jury.

Fennemore University: An annual leadership summit that focuses on equipping lawyers with skills for driving change inside and outside of the firm.

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Flexible Work

Fennemore offers a flexible work environment that can be successful for everyone—whether it’s onsite, hybrid, or remote. A commitment to industry-leading technology, strong communication, and effective tools for collaboration support a dynamic and flexible work environment.

Fennemore recognizes the value of a work-life balance and is truly committed to fostering a flexible work environment by providing employees with the necessary tools and technology to ensure attorneys work efficiently and effectively, and by also cultivating a culture of open communication and trust – both of which are crucial for a successful flexible work environment.  I believe that Fennemore has implemented a model that promotes productivity, employee satisfaction, and ultimately contributes to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Paula Hernandez
Associate, San Bernardino Office

Fennemore’s flexible work environment has allowed me to maintain an optimal work-life balance.  I can easily manage my schedule and workload, and our technology platform makes working in almost any environment both easy to do and seamless.  At the same time, there are many opportunities for face-to-face interactions with my colleagues.  I feel very much integrated with the rest of the firm.

Eugene Pak
Director, Oakland Office

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our strong commitment to inclusion at all levels of the firm permeates how we do business, treat our clients, and interact with one another. We work together to promote equal opportunity; understand and value differences; and foster a dignified, inclusive, and diverse work environment. Fennemore team members are encouraged to participate in the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Council and contribute to the council’s working groups. We value diverse thoughts and voices and we aim for team members of all backgrounds to feel heard, seen, recognized, and celebrated for their contributions. To learn more about Fennemore’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, click here.


Fennemore is committed to being a good steward of our communities and the environment. Through the firm’s green initiative, we work to take concrete steps to reduce our environmental impact.


Our mission is to help clients and team members thrive by creating possibilities. We do this by going beyond the expected with forward-thinking advocacy, creativity and true caring to deliver the most value to our team members and clients. Three values guide these objectives:

Advocate: Our firm thrives when we act with care and demonstrate our support of others with consideration and thoughtfulness.

Advance: We’re always looking ahead to what’s next. We champion fresh ideas in the pursuit of what’s possible for our team members, for the firm and those we serve.

Achieve: Our drive for excellence is evident in everything we do. We celebrate resilience as much as we celebrate success, knowing that every way we advance creates new potential to thrive.