Sam Efird Named Fennemore Craig's Newest Director

Newest Firm Director Focuses on Business & Finance to Advance Emerging Businesses

Sam Efird Named Fennemore Craig’s Newest Director

Samuel S. Efird, a Fennemore Craig Business and Finance attorney has been elected as our newest director. Sam is widely recognized in the firm as an up-and-comer with  entrepreneurial spirit and a legal mind which make him a valuable asset for the clients working with our business and finance practice group.

“This is one of the goals you shoot for as a young attorney,” Sam said. “Becoming a partner is an achievement that represents experience and the confidence in me as an attorney. I’m very proud to accept this new role.”

Sam’s journey to Fennemore Craig director is unique in that he worked in finance and was an entrepreneur himself before he worked in government and attended law school.

Sam’s law practice is at the epicenter of one of Fennemore Craig’s busiest departments. As companies  require assistance on a varied and complex set of business and finance issues such as partnership tax when business entities are formed, attorney’s providing these kinds of legal services have a unique opportunity to make a genuine impact.

“When you’re providing legal services in the business and finance space – especially with emerging businesses –you’re sitting across the table from entrepreneurs and business owners, and suddenly, you’re an integral part of their business plan – helping to minimize risks. You’re invested in their success,” Sam noted.

On his ability to advance as an attorney with at the firm, Sam reflected: “Fennemore Craig has a great process in place to thoroughly prepare associates for the many responsibilities of a leader and now, as a part-owner in the firm.”

Sam also says that the guidance and mentorship he has received along the way is rare in that the firm genuinely wants to see its own thrive; and that approach fosters a lot of loyalty to the firm. Sam’s list of mentors is long, and includes people like Steve Good, Gregg Hanks, Barry Shelley and Aaron Cain for helping to shape his career along the way.

“I don’t think it happens as much at other firms, but at Fennemore, high-profile attorneys like Sarah Strunk regularly offer help and guidance. I know there’s an investment in me. And it’s really great to be in a role now where I can invest in Fennemore Craig from a leadership role.” explains Sam.

Looking toward the future, Sam hopes that leadership will include the opportunity to be a mentor himself and looks forward to working with our 2019 class of summer associates.

“I’d tell them to find something they really enjoy doing, and then surround themselves with people they enjoy working with that they can learn from.”

Sam’s energy and passion for law and business is contagious, and his work and perspective is a hallmark of the kind of leaders Fennemore Craig hopes to grow for the next 130 years.