94% of our surveyed employees expressed job satisfaction. (Industry average is ~60%)


#1 Fastest Growing Law Firm, According to


6x Most Admired Company by AZ Business Magazine


The firm provides numerous opportunities for camaraderie and team building including: social events, volunteer outings, wellness competitions, recognition programs, on-the-spot bonuses for going above and beyond, collectively celebrating team wins, coaching and mentoring, pro bono opportunities. We regularly communicate internally on: inclusion, health and well-being, professional development, culture and team building.

Our inclusive culture is one where talented people come – and often stay for more than a decade – building their careers while serving our clients and communities.


We believe in keeping open lines of communication and value input and feedback from our team members.


  • Pulse Survey/360
  • Fennemore Summit
  • Know Your Neighbor Cards
  • All Hands Meetings
  • State of the Firm
  • Annual Attorney Retreat


We don’t like to only win in the courtroom, we also like to compete in a fun way with our team members. Whether it’s a Halloween costume competition, a virtual game show, bingo, mini golf or even a dinosaur race, we are always up for a good competition.


We like to roll-up our sleeves and put in the work in the communities where we live. We exemplify this by volunteering with local non-profits, coaching our kids athletic teams, mentoring our future legal workforce and supporting the greater good of the communities that we live, work and play in.


  • Volunteerism
  • Charitables
  • Pro-Bono Work
  • Venture Accelerator Program
  • Kids Soccer/T-Ball/Golf
  • ASU Fellowship Program & Scholarship


Celebrating our team members starts on day one, and it continues throughout our colleagues tenure at Fennemore with employee appreciation day, birthdays, anniversaries, appreciation of our growing families, on-the-spot bonuses for exemplary work and more.


  • Work Anniversary
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Reno Office – Client Parties
  • Fresno – St. Patrick’s Day
  • Awards & Recognitions in the Community


Fennemore has implemented a People First model for how our firm will prioritize our people, strategically grow, acquire top talent and better serve our clients. It stands on four pillars: A tech-centric distributed workforce; an environment where lawyers are guided by a C-Suite to run their practice groups like Fennemore’s clients run their own businesses; a culture that boosts productivity by celebrating work-life balance; and service that gives each client extraordinary lawyer access and decisive power.

Our people are the most important asset. We know that we all have to be at our best in order to give our best to our colleagues, clients, families and communities. Our leadership is committed to helping to set our team members up for success and promoting healthy lifestyles among our attorneys and allied legal professionals. We communicate with every team member monthly through our Doing MORE platform about diversity and inclusion, professional growth, health and well-being, culture and team building.


Our diversity strategy is not limited to the creation of a Diversity Council. Rather, diversity and inclusion are foundations of our values and of our business plan. Our strong commitment to inclusion at all levels of the firm permeates how we do business, treat our clients and treat one another.


We believe that every employee contributes to the overall success of our firm. To support this belief, we encourage and empower our employees to continually grow and enhance their skills. Through our competency-based curriculum and state-of-the-art learning management system, we are able to provide a variety of learning and development opportunities, and provide team members with the best practice tools and resources they need in order to take their professional career to the next level.


Our award-winning wellness program includes onsite flu shots, mammograms, biometric screening, fresh fruit, chair massages, fitness classes, wellness contests and incentives, resiliency and stress management programs and tools.


Building connections, friendships, trust and overall morale is important to our future success. We prioritize hosting regular get-togethers that support our one team, one culture, one mission mindset. Something that makes our firm a great place to work is the fact that we genuinely like the people we work with and it’s not uncommon to see us hanging out outside the office.


Our team members are expected to un-plug and have a life outside of the office. We support work-life balance through policies such as reduced-schedule options, flexible workplace options, an employee assistance program, and generous parental leave policy.



2021 Healthy Arizona Worksite Gold award by the Arizona Department of Health Services


2021 Top Places To Work in Arizona