Broadening Your Impact And Reach

Wendel Rosen attorney Donald Simon will participate in a panel discussion on May 12, 2013 at the Marine’s Memorial Club in downtown San Francisco on the theme of “Broadening Your Impact and Reach,” hosted by the Pepperdine University Master of Science in Organization Development Program Alumni Council.

This event will provide alumni, faculty and students the opportunity to collectively redefine triple impact and explore what it means to be an agent of change at the individual, community and organization levels.  

The discussion on social innovation will be facilitated by Dr. Michael Crooke, a Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University and the former CEO of Patagonia.  This panel will be approximately one hour and will feature innovative companies and nonprofits as well as public sector agencies that are helping to bring about positive change.  Each panelist will have the opportunity to present their ideas on how the public, private and civic sectors can affect meaningful change as well as share business practices related to the triple bottom line.