Eugene Pak Comments on MolsonCoors Case in World Trademark Review

Eugene Pak, head of Wendel Rosen’s Alcoholic Beverage Law practice and IP group, was quoted in the World Trademark Review (May 7, 2020) on the Seventh Circuit’s recent decision in the “corn syrup” false advertising case brought by MolsonCoors against AB-InBev.

The court allowed AB-InBev to continue to advertise that MolsonCoors uses corn syrup in the brewing of its MILLER LITE and COORS LIGHT beers, relying heavily on the fact that MolsonCoors had listed “corn syrup” as an “ingredient” on its website, though it was not “high fructose corn syrup.”  Pak noted that the decision may now make it easier “for a defendant to dismiss a claim for false or misleading advertising if the defendant can point to something the plaintiff publicly stated or admitted.”

Read and download a PDF of the full article here.

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