Higher than a Kite? Bringing the Workplace Down to Earth

Wendel Rosen attorney Chris Noma will co-present “Higher than a Kite? Bringing the Workplace Down to Earth” on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 in the David I. Wendel Conference Center, 1111 Broadway, Oakland, California. Impaired employees create disruptions in the workforce, whether the impairment is caused by prescription drug use, alcohol or marijuana. As marijuana use becomes legal, many California workers do not understand the need for maintaining drug-free workplaces. All California employers should understand the applicable laws and review their drug and alcohol practices and policies to ensure that they are complying with those laws.

What better way to start that process than by attending Wendel Rosen’s seminar discussing the rights and obligations of California employers? Come learn best practices for responding to impaired employees in a variety of scenarios including: hiring, discipline, termination, workplace accidents, and return to work scenarios. We will discuss model employer policies and procedures for maintaining a drug free workplace. This seminar is appropriate for business owners, HR professionals, safety managers and other risk managers.

Topics include:

  • Impact of marijuana legalization
  • Applicant screening or what can you ask?
  • Pre-employment drug testing
  • Testing of current employees
  • Drug free workplace policies
  • Responding to accommodation requests
  • Discipline and termination decisions
  • Necessary documentation, including HIPAA concerns