The Top Ten Things I Wish My Client’s Attorney Told Me Before Testifying

On Thursday, May 17, 2018 attorneys Les Hausrath will co-present “Top Ten Things I Wish My Client’s Attorney Told Me Before Testifying” in Woodland, CA.

Gain an appraisal & legal perspective on admissible evidence in real property valuation litigation. The speakers will focus on the rules of evidence that govern appraisal testimony in litigation involving the market value of real property. Differences between eminent domain and other litigation involving a fair market value determination will be explored and explained.

  • Types of litigation involving Fair Market Value
  • How do the rules apply?
  • How is Fair Market Value determined in litigation?
  • What limitations are placed on appraisers?
  • Do California statutes or case law govern?
  • Can the “developer’s approach” be used?
  • Procedural aspects that affect appraisers’ testimony
  • Distinctions between eminent domain and other litigation
  • What rules apply for commercial lease valuations?
  • What is admissible in severance damage and larger parcel calculations?
  • Legal issues utilizing comparable sales
  • Evidentiary limitations

Who Should Attend?
Appraisers, attorneys, and agency representatives involved in real estate litigation, or anyone who aspires to enter this specialty area of real estate appraising.

Registration for this event is now closed.

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