Wrap Traps: Wrap Insurance for Construction Projects

Wendel Rosen insurance attorneys present, “Wrap Traps” on May 12, 2015, as part of the real estate litigation group’s speaker series.

Wrap-up insurance programs are the now the standard on large construction projects and virtually all residential projects. Cost savings, uniformity of coverage, and better protection for owners, contractors and subcontractors are just some of the reasons wrap-ups make sense. But like any insurance product, they can contain traps and pitfalls that deprive policyholders of the coverage they expected. Our attorneys will share their expertise in wrap insurance coverage. Come hear about the problems they see most often in wrap-up insurance programs and how to avoid them.

Topics include:

  • How Wrap Insurance Works
  • Getting the Right Coverage
  • Mistakes Many Brokers Don’t Catch
  • Common Problems and How to Avoid Them (for Developers and Contractors)
  • Key Modifications to Standard Policy Forms

Registration for this event is closed.

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