CASQA’s 13th Annual Conference

Wendel Rosen is pleased to sponsor the 13th Annual Conference hosted by CASQA, which will be held Monday, September 25 – Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at the Sacramento Convention Center / Hyatt Regency Sacramento.

For the first time, the CASQA conference will be held in downtown Sacramento, just a few steps away from the historic State Capitol Building. The 2017 conference theme reflects the location at the heart of California government. Building bridges for communication and collaboration is vital to successfully managing the quality and quantity of the stormwater resource in California.

Stormwater receives pollutants from ubiquitous sources, the types of potential pollutants are infinite and continuously increasing, and the ability of an agency to control or treat many of the pollutants does not exist at the local level. However, controls do exist or can be created through partnerships with State level agencies such as the State Water Resources Control Board, Department of Pesticide Regulation, and Department of Toxic Substances Control. The conference will bridge the typical gaps between agencies by bringing those agencies together to both learn from successful efforts and discuss new efforts to address issues that cut across organizational, regulatory, and technical boundaries.

As evident from the recent historic and now receding drought, water in all its forms is a precious and finite resource subject to competing priorities for public supply, flood safety, groundwater protection, agricultural allocation, and habitat preservation. Since major decisions on water are made in Sacramento, the CASQA conference will be looking at the broader issues of water management, of which urban stormwater is an important and growing component. The conference will highlight integrated and innovative water planning processes, including the experiences of national and international partners, and the ways in which urban stormwater can become a greater resource.

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