Commercial Leasing Transactions

Wendel Rosen real estate attorney Daniel Myers will present “Commercial Leasing Transactions,” on Thursday, September 3, 2015 from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm at Continuing Education of the Bar’s 2015 “The Basics Conference,” in Monterey, California.

A commercial lease may be the most valuable asset held by both the landlord and the tenant. With commercial leases, there are tremendous opportunities to creatively balance the parties’ interests to achieve larger business objectives. Learn to spot the legal and practical considerations at play for your commercial leasing clients.

Topics discussed include the following:

  • Initial terms—contingencies, renewal, expansion, exclusive use, and relocation options
  • Rights and duties of the parties
  • Construction issues
  • Financing issues
  • Operating and tax expenses
  • Assignments and subleasing
  • Insurance and damage or destruction of premises
  • Conflicts and disputes

This is a basic level program and assumes no prior experience in real property law. Appropriate for attorneys new to real property law, as well as those seeking a refresher.

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