Neighbor Remedies

Wendel Rosen real estate litigation attorney Carl Ciochon will present ” Neighbor Remedies,” on  Friday, September 4, 2015 from 2:15 pm to 3:45 pm at Continuing Education of the Bar’s 2015 “The Basics Conference,” in Monterey, California.

Neighbor disputes can be challenging cases to litigate because alternative legal theories may have conflicting results. These cases generally involve relatively small dollar amounts but substantial emotional burdens. Learn how to evaluate neighbor disputes and decide which remedies are in your client’s best interests.

Topics discussed include the following:

  • Access rights
  • Easements—types, methods of creation, rights and duties of the parties, and termination
  • Boundary issues—trespass, encroachment, and the good faith improver
  • Fence maintenance
  • Neighborhood crime
  • Tree and plant issues—damage to and by trees, invasively spreading plants, and heritage trees
  • Solar and view rights

This is a basic level program and assumes no prior experience in real property law. Appropriate for attorneys new to real property law, as well as those seeking a refresher.