Consistent, hard work still remains the key to success

A Father’s Day Talk With Mark Hawkins On Leadership & His Life In The Law

In honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, June 19, this week we’re featuring Mark Hawkins, a prominent attorney in our Las Vegas office – and a doting dad, heavily involved in the lives of his children. Mark work in our Real Estate practice group where he focuses on commercial real estate and corporate transactions, including business and entity planning, formation and governance.

We recently had the pleasure of talking with Mark about his role as a father, as well as lessons learned during his life in the legal profession.

As Father’s Day rapidly approaches, talk about your weekends, coaching your children’s teams and driving your daughters to dance practice. What advice do you give to your kids? And what do you learn from your children?

I enjoy spending time taking my kids around on the weekends to their various activities – soccer games, dance practices, parties and other events.  It keeps us and them busy, but it is rewarding when they see progress in whatever they are doing.  Advice that I try to instill in my kids is to do their best in everything they are involved with, no matter the result.  They in turn teach an impatient man, patience in the process, and that consistent, hard work still remains the key to success.

Without naming your clients, are there any intriguing current matters that you’re working on in the real estate sector in Las Vegas?

Yes, an interesting project involves a mixed-use development that will have an eastern European flare with incredible marble designs throughout the complex.

What would you tell your younger self – or a 1L at the Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law now contemplating a career in the legal profession?

A few months prior to beginning law school, I attended my brother-in-law’s law school graduation at GW. The featured commencement speaker was the then Chief Justice, William Rehnquist. He spoke about how really enjoyed playing tennis, and that tennis was a way for him to unwind, de-stress and exercise. He then stressed to the graduating law students the need to find balance in their life. That always stuck out to me and I would convey the same to anyone contemplating a career in law. 

Who is your hero – or the person who has had the greatest impact on your life and career?

Given that Father’s Day is approaching, I would say my hero is my Father. He’s had the most impact in my life and always a great example to me. His advice seemed to always be insightful and on point.

Talk about your biggest failure. What did you learn? And how did you pick up the pieces and move forward?

Too many to count.  They call this law practice for that very reason. 😊

What’s the best – and worst – piece of career advice that you’ve ever received?

I get lots of advice from people, solicited and unsolicited. Advice that I continue to rely on includes the need to remember to put yourself in the shoes of the client and make sure you are providing the service you would like to receive if you were in their shoes.

I try not to remember bad advice.    

What are you currently listening to (podcast or music); reading; and watching/streaming?

I like to listen to history podcasts. Reading The Snowball.

Okay, you and your wife and kids are hosting a lavish dinner party on Father’s Day. Name the three people – from any time in human history – who you’d invite.

Alexander the Great, Jesus Christ, and Abraham Lincoln.

Many thanks to Mark for his words of wisdom – and to all of our fathers and allied legal professionals who successfully balance their lives as parents with their responsibilities at work!

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