I think of myself as a problem solver

A conversation with allied legal professional, Tami Estrada, on life and work in the law.

This week we head back to our “Mile High” office where Tami Estrada, Director of Support Operations, calls home base. Tami joined our firm in Phoenix in1998 as a legal secretary before stepping into other roles with the HR department and marketing team until 2003 when she moved to Denver.

She rejoined the Fennemore team as the Denver office manager in 2008 before expanding her role to include seven other offices. As Director of Support Operations, Tami is the “glue” in our firm working across several teams and states. This week Tami is sharing a few thoughts on the impact of working in the legal field as an allied legal professional.

Hi Tami! Are you keeping cool in Denver through this crazy heat wave?

Hi! It’s been in the 90’s here so definitely hot, but we’ve been able to keep pretty cool. It’s nice being close to the mountains because you can escape away from all of it a little bit.

You rejoined Fennemore 15 years ago as an office manager. What does your job as Director of Support Operations entail now? 

My role as Director of Support Operations has evolved over the years to include office management, human resources, and point of contact for IS, finance and other firm departments. 

I work closely with the LAAs and staff across all the offices on processes and procedures within the firm to help everyone work as efficiently as possible.  I think of myself as a problem solver.  I try to connect folks in one office with those in other offices that may have capacity to take on more work or need help in certain areas.  I have done most of the jobs in the firm and have no problem pitching in when needed to help get the job done. Next month I will be celebrating my 21st year anniversary with the firm. 

What do you think about current state of the firm after watching many combinations and growth through the years? What’s your outlook for the future of the firm? 

I think the firm is doing amazing things right now. It is wonderful to see the growth and to meet and work with so many people in different states and areas of practice. We’ve added on some great teams! Under our current Management Team, I have a very high outlook for the firm.  

What’s the culture like at an office of high-profile litigators in Denver? 

The culture in the Denver office is fun! We have a great team that works hard and long hours to get the job done.  It’s very cool to see it all come together.

What is your favorite way to relax after a day at work? 

I love to relax with my husband on the patio and listen to music. We just moved into our new home and our patio has an amazing view of the mountains.

Is there a show you can’t stop binging right now? 

Anything on the Hallmark Channel – the shows are so cheesy, but always have a positive ending. I don’t even have to watch the shows, I just have it on in the background. 

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

My favorite meal is steak – I love to grill and make different sides to go with it. 

Many thanks to Tami for her awesome work in helping to make sure that our firm runs smoothly – and for her knowledgeable insights!

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