Returning to the Workplace: COVID-19 and New Laws for 2021

Employment attorneys Tammy Brown and David Goldman hosted a webinar on the challenges of managing employees in the age of COVID-19.  The link to watch the recorded session is now available online. Follow the link below to watch.

In the webinar, they presented and reviewed the laws and regulations that pertain to the pandemic, including the most relevant new employment laws that require changes in existing policies and procedures, as well as updates to employee handbooks. The attorneys also discussed working remotely, handling employees returning to the workplace, offering sick leave and mandating employee vaccinations.

If you are doing business in California and have employees or independent contractors working for you, you will want to become familiar with your new obligations to employees.

The topics they discussed include:

  • COVID in (and out) of the workplace – prevention plans, outbreak orders, and sick leave
  • Expansion of the California Family Rights Act and employee leaves of absence
  • When is a worker your employee or an independent contractor—changes in the law—again
  • New employer pitfalls when employees file claims with the Labor Commissioner
  • New legal exposure when you buy a business that lost an employee wage claim

Click here to watch Returning to the Workplace: COVID-19 and New Laws for 2021.

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