Sargento Cheese Faces Litigation for Its ‘No Antibiotics’ Claim – Bill Acevedo Provides Legal Insight on the Lawsuit

In an article by Food Navigator USA, Partner Bill Acevedo comments on the recent legal challenges leveled against Sargento Foods and the “no antibiotics” claim used on many of its’ product packaging. The December 2020 and January 2021 lawsuits state that the phrasing on Sargento Foods’ packaging is false and misleading, pointing to independent lab tests that show Sargento cheese products contain detectable levels of antibiotics.

Food Navigator looked to Bill for guidance on what this food litigation portends, as labeling claims continue to be challenged in court and remain a potential liability risk for food manufacturers. Bill offered his thoughts on the challenges facing the food manufacturer as well as recent labeling guidance relevant to the dairy industry. Click on the link to read these insights.

To read the full article, visit Food Navigator USA.

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