Webinar: Density Bonus: a Strong Development Tool Gets Stronger

Amara Morrison and Todd Williams partners in Wendel Rosen’s Land Use Practice Group, discussed the recent legislative changes to the Density Bonus Law, and how the law works to benefit housing projects. The California Density Bonus Law has been an effective tool to combat the housing crisis and provide both market rate and affordable housing.

Amara and Todd discussed the following topics:

  • Addressed Basics of the Density Bonus Law
  • Covered recent changes in the Density Bonus Law that makes it a more powerful tool for development
  • The Qualifications of the Density Bonus Law
  • The Restrictions of the Density Bonus Law
  • Bonus Amounts
  • Concessions, incentives and waivers
  • Parking requirements and local ordinances
  • New Developments for 2021

Click here to watch Density Bonus: a Strong Development Tool Gets Stronger.

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