Wendel Rosen Declares Juneteenth a Paid Firmwide Holiday

Last week, the award-winning law firm of Wendel Rosen LLP announced to its attorneys and staff that Juneteenth would become a paid firm holiday, effective immediately.

The firm’s Chief Operating Officer Ginger Wilson shared that other companies shouldn’t be hesitant to make Juneteenth a holiday, “This is different than a pet cause or a specific religion. We see it as a human rights issue.”

Managing Partner Dan Rapaport explained, “Wendel has been part of the Bay Area community for 110 years, and it’s imperative that we reflect our values in the decisions we make.”

The Oakland law firm made the decision on June 10 and announced it internally the following day. As many companies have publicly declared their recognition of Juneteenth as a paid holiday in the last week, Wendel wanted to announce their decision and contribute to that positive momentum.

Wendel prides itself on its commitment to causes that align with their values. The firm has a strong history of advocacy, leading the industry in becoming a Green-certified business, devoting ongoing resources to Corporate Social Responsibility and establishing a Diversity Committee. Wendel believes actions matter and remains committed to doing its part to support diversity.

Also known as Freedom Day, June 19 is the day that slavery officially ended with the final state (Texas) enforcing the Emancipation Proclamation. Former President Obama summed it up saying, Juneteenth is a time to recommit ourselves to the work that remains undone. We remember that even in the darkest hours, there is cause to hope for tomorrow’s light.”