Capitalism with a Heart

Note: This event is open to C-level executives of Bay Area manufacturing companies only.  This invitation is nontransferable without prior approval from East Bay Manufacturing Group. 

On June 5, The East Bay Manufacturing Group will host “Capitalism with a Heart,” where CEO, Tom Frainier will reveal the secret ingredients of Semifreddi’s successful growth journey.

Tom Frainier credits Semifreddi’s success to consistency and a group of passionate people committed to creating high-quality bread and pastries everyday. In order to make a high-quality product, all the hands have to be happy. Their recipe is only 10% of the story; the other 90% is quality, customer service, and employee loyalty. If your employees are motivated and involved, you can take over the world!

In 1984 Semifreddi’s opened the doors to a 450 square-foot bakery in Kensington, California with one sourdough recipe, four products and a commitment to bake and deliver world class, hand-made bread daily.  They now utilize over 25 different recipes and bake more than 50 different breads and pastries. In a typical week they bake 180,000 loaves of bread and 35,000 pastries at their world headquarters in Alameda.

Wendel Rosen in a founding organization of the EBMG, which offers peer-to-peer events for C-level executives from East Bay manufacturing companies and affiliated organizations.

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