Kim Arana Elected to Fennemore Craig's Management Team

Veteran Nogales-Based Attorney Adds Her Perspective to Help Guide Historic Southwest Firm Toward the Future.

Kim Arana Elected to Fennemore Craig’s Management Team

Today, the need for bold, diverse leaders from all backgrounds is essential; especially as businesses of all kinds stare down the vast uncertainties 2019 presents in the marketplace and the legal industry, which is ripe for disruption.  In the climate of change, strong businesses require outstanding leaders, which is why we are pleased to announce Kim Arana will join the senior leadership team as a member of Fennemore Craig’s five-person Management Committee. Kim will take the place of Steve Good who is rotating off the committee to focus on his tax practice after having served as the firm’s Managing Partner, and a tenured committee member.

“We’re at a critical juncture in our industry, and it’s humbling to be asked to serve in this capacity and be part of an exceptional team to help lead through change,” notes Arana. “I look forward to helping to lead our firm and adding my perspective for a bright future for Fennemore Craig.”

Kim has been a resident of Nogales, Ariz. since 1982 when she moved to the area to join her husband as a newlywed. She quickly became a part of the fabric of the community, especially the business community, after joining Fennemore Craig in 1999. Fluent in Spanish, Kim regularly works in conjunction with Mexican counsel to prepare agreements for international commercial transactions, including secured transactions – part of the lifeblood of Southern Arizona economies and thriving international business.

“Mexico supplies many of the winter vegetables we all know and love through the Nogales Port, and when much of our nation is now focused on issues of the Southwest and our border, being in a position and with a firm that offers an up-close perspective to these issues that seeks to help businesses thrive is a unique and necessary role for these times,” notes Arana. “My position as a Director at the firm and the Office Managing Partner in our Nogales office has provided me with the opportunity of helping our clients create business possibilities by navigating the complexities of the U.S. and Mexican legal systems while understanding the intricacies of their business needs. Arana represents a view point and relevance that is a sign of her deep experience and know-how, as well as the right leadership for these times.

In addition to her background negotiating cross-border trade deals, Arana is also an expert negotiator who balances the “Sun Devils vs. Wildcats” rivalry under one roof; having earned her B.A., magna cum laude in Spanish from Arizona State University, followed by a J.D. from the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law.

Outside of work, Kim enjoys balancing her hard work with family life, spending ample time with her five children and grandchildren. She uses her weekends to focus on cooking and being active by golfing, biking, playing tennis and hiking.

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