Nothing will go as expected, but it will all be for a reason

A Conversation On Hustle Mindset And Never Giving Up With Attorney Amanda Lee

This week we visit  Southern California to speak with one of our business litigation associates, Amanda Lee! Amanda is an attorney based out of our firm’s San Bernardino office. Her practice focuses on business, commercial, consumer, class action, real estate, and mortgage litigation; litigation cases representing small and mid-size companies, including technology providers, manufacturers, banks, loan and mortgage servicers, and real property buyers, sellers, and brokers.

Hi Amanda! I hope you’re doing well this week. Have you been keeping up with the March Madness games? It’s all that’s been on my T.V. this month!

I’ve been keeping up a little bit because I did a fantasy bracket with my family, although I’m not watching very closely. I mostly root for the Lakers and Golden State Warriors in the NBA!

When did you know you wanted to practice business litigation and what formed that passion?

I always knew I wanted to practice litigation as an attorney. But like many other law students, I fell into business litigation because the majority of my cases ended up surrounding this field. I found that I enjoyed this area of law particularly, which makes sense since I even considered going to business school. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. One summer after middle school, my friend and I opened our own babysitting and cleaning ‘business’ in our neighborhood. We got some pretty good gigs! But also, who trusts middle schoolers to watch your kids and clean your house? Although I’m no expert at running a business, I am glad I get to help businesses now with a different perspective to contribute.

I understand before starting your legal career, you participated in Model UN and other public speaking opportunities. What did you learn through those activities that are important for your career as a litigator?

I learned three things: 1) no one will notice and give you as hard of a time in messing up than you yourself will; 2) nerves will ALWAYS be normal; and 3) not to take things too personally (unless it is to fuel you!). 

Is there a woman who has greatly influenced you and your professional career?

There are actually two: my mom and my older sister. My mom hustled her way as an immigrant from Korea, using every means to get to where she is today to do everything she can for her daughters. She is the OG Evelyn Hugo, and I will always take her “do what it takes” mentality with me.And despite all my older sister went through in her difficult upbringing, she never failed at being a second mom to me and my little sister. She set the standards for our family in terms of achieving a higher education and pushing for a professional career no matter your background. And I will always remember that reaching for the stars is never impossible because of her.

Looking back, if you could give a younger version of yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Basically, nothing will go as expected, but it will all be for a reason. Just be patient and appreciate the moments you have with family and friends.

The Oscars just happened a little over a week ago. I was personally really impressed with the movies released over the course of the last year. Is there a movie that you saw that particularly stuck with you?

Oscars finally did something right!! I loved two: Everything Everywhere All At Once was of course, groundbreaking. The Whale was also heartbreakingly beautiful. Both had messages and themes that I am sure will continue to make an impact. 

Last but not least, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? And why?

This is too hard! But it’s got to be sushi. It’s too good and there is so much variety, so I will (probably) not get tired of it. Mercury poisoning, come at me!

Many thanks to Amanda for her profound insights!

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