Intellectual Property

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Your Technology and Intellectual Property Assets Are The Lifeblood Of Your Business: We Partner With You To Protect Your Critical IP —and To Identify and Implement IP Strategies To Help You Thrive.

Most businesses have intellectual property, although some don’t fully appreciate it. If this sounds like your business, your intellectual property represents an untapped asset that, if properly identified, protected, and managed can increase the value of your business and help you thrive. Our intellectual property attorneys are here to help you do just that.

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A first step in our representation is to help you identify your intellectual property, whether it is the name of your business, a simple sales brochure, sophisticated software code, or a key product or method. However, merely identifying IP is not enough. Our attorneys will help you design an appropriate and effective strategy to protect your IP and leverage it so that you can achieve your overall objectives and thrive in your competitive environment. When it comes to IP protection and strategy, one size definitely does not fit all.


Intellectual property is at the heart of many commercial transactions today. By helping you identify and protect your IP, we help you maximize its value, whether it be to grow your existing business, or with an eye toward potential licensing deals or mergers and acquisitions. IP audits and due diligence may be a significant part of that process, as well as negotiating specific language in joint development and other agreements to help you strengthen your intellectual property rights.


With the emergence of global markets, the development and protection of trademarks and brands are increasingly important. Our trademark attorneys will help you  register, maintain, and license your trademarks in the U.S. and around the world. Whether you’re a growing company or a startup, we can help you develop effective branding strategies and strong trademarks so you can thrive.

We can also help you develop internet and e-commerce policies and guidelines, implement strategies for domain name acquisition and protection, and counsel you on issues relating to the effective and complementary use of social media. Internet and e-commerce strategies can also be enhanced by the strategic use of copyrights. Our copyright attorneys can also help you develop comprehensive registration and enforcement strategies for creative works ranging from software to sales literature to books and publications.


Of course, effective IP protection may mean little without enforcement, and owners of intellectual property are the ones who must enforce their rights. We can help you enforce your intellectual property rights and defend them against attacks from others. Our intellectual property attorneys have successfully litigated significant intellectual property cases involving patent and copyright infringement; trade secret misappropriation; trade dress and trademark infringement; nondisclosure and noncompetition agreements; computer hardware and software licenses; cyber piracy; domain names; software piracy; false advertising; e-commerce issues; commercial disputes over intellectual property; and unfair competition, patent misuse and patent-related antitrust allegations.